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Bearing vs Deportment vs Demeanor vs Mien vs Port vs Presence

Bearing, deportment, demeanor, mien, port, presence are comparable when they denote the way in which or the quality by which a person outwardly manifests his personality and breeding.

Bearing is the most general of these words; it may imply reference to a person’s mental attitude to others, his conduct in society, or his characteristic posture or way of holding himself.

Deportment applies especially to a person’s actions in their relations to the external, often conventional amenities of life; it so strongly suggests the influence of breeding or training that in current use it often means little more than behavior.

Demeanor applies rather to one’s attitude as shown in one’s behavior in the presence of others.

Mien implies reference both to bearing and demeanor, often as suggestive of mood.

Port implies reference to physique and, especially through long association with such adjectives as majestic, regal, and proud, to a stately or dignified physique.

Presence is more explicit than bearing; it denotes a person’s bearing with reference to its power to impress his personality on others or to attract their attention, interest, or admiration.