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Aware vs Cognizant vs Conscious vs Sensible vs Alive vs Awake

Aware, cognizant, conscious, sensible, alive, awake mean having knowledge of something, especially of something that for some reason is not obvious or apparent to all.

One is aware of something through information or through one’s own vigilance in observing or in drawing inferences from what one sees, hears, or feels.

One who is cognizant of something has had it called to his attention or has become aware of it through his own powers of observation; in careful use the word commonly implies firsthand or certain knowledge.

One is conscious of something that he sees, hears, feels, or apprehends when he allows it to enter his mind so that he recognizes its existence or fixes his attention on it; thus, one may or may not be conscious of his heartbeat or of someone passing through the room.

One is sensible of something who through intuitive feeling or a rational perception realizes its existence .

One who is alive to something is acutely susceptible to its influence or sensible of its existence.

One who is awake to something is aroused to it or on the alert for developments.