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All vs Every vs Each

All, Every and Each, when applied to the individuals of a group, imply inclusion of the entire membership with no exceptions.

All is applied to the aggregate of individuals and implies consideration of it as a unit without regard to the individuals as distinct persons or things.

  • all men are mortal
  • all books are written to be read

Every is applied to any of the individuals comprising the group, regarded not as a concrete person or thing but as the type or representative of the entire membership.

  • every man is mortal
  • every book published should be worth reading

Each is applied to any or every individual of the group, but unlike every it implies reference to him or to it as a distinct, recognizable, and therefore concrete person or thing.

  • he knows the weaknesses of each batter on the team
  • each book on this shelf is worth reading
  • each person in this club must pay his share of the expense