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Air vs Atmosphere vs Ether vs Ozone

Air designates the invisible mixture of gases which surrounds the earth and is the impalpable respirable substance essential to life or that substance mixed with or contaminated by other substances.

  • the air we breathe
  • perfumed air
  • smoky air

Atmosphere designates the layers of air which form the envelope of the earth or a similar gaseous envelope of any celestial body.

  • the atmosphere of Mars

It may be applied to the portion of air which permeates a particular place or is in a particular state.

  • the stale atmosphere of a room
  • a superheated atmosphere

Ether usually suggests a medium more rarefied than air or one far more delicate or subtle formerly held to fill the upper regions or interstellar space. In technical use it also denotes a hypothetical medium for the transmission of transverse waves which is characterized by continuity and extreme tenuity and which permeates all space.

Strictly, ozone is a triatomic form of oxygen that is a faintly blue pungent irritating gas found especially in the upper levels of the air and used commercially chiefly in disinfection, in oxidation, and in bleaching. In general use it denotes air that is notably pure and refreshing.

  • the fresh crisp ozone of morning