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Aggregate vs Aggregation vs Conglomerate vs Conglomeration vs Agglomerate vs Agglomeration

Aggregate, Aggregation, Conglomerate, Conglomeration, Agglomerate and Agglomeration all denote a mass formed by parts or particles that are not merged into each other.

Aggregate and aggregation imply the formation of a whole but without the blending of its constituents.

  • sandstone is a natural aggregate of quartz and a cementing substance (as silica or iron oxide)
  • we have no communities. Our villages even are apt, rather, to be aggregations

Conglomerate and conglomeration emphasize the heterogeneousness of the components and often suggest their assemblage from a wide variety of sources; sometimes either is applied to a heap of things, sometimes to an aggregate in which the parts are clearly distinguishable.

  • pantheism is generally a conglomerate of animism, poetical fancy, and mysticism
  • that conglomeration of men we call a nation

Agglomerate and agglomeration in general use seldom imply coherence of parts; they suggest either a huddling together or often a fortuitous association.

  • a mere agglomeration of different races, without national unity, national aims

In geology agglomerate designates a rock aggregate composed of irregularly shaped fragments scattered by volcanic explosions as distinguished from conglomerate, an aggregate composed of rounded, waterworn stones.