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Affront vs Insult vs Indignity

Affront, Insult and Indignity denote a speech or an action having for its intention or effect the dishonoring of something (as a person, a cause, or an institution).

An affront is a designed and usually an open mark of disrespect.

  • an affront to the flag
  • an old affront will stir the heart through years of rankling pain

An insult is a personal attack, either by words or actions, meant to humiliate or degrade.

  • it is incredible the insult made to the liberty, to the life, to the dignity of the human beings, by other human beings

An indignity is an outrage upon one’s personal dignity.

  • whom I beseech to give me ample satisfaction for these deep shames and great indignities
  • to nearly all men serfdom was . . . a degrading thing, and they found trenchant phrases to describe the indignity of the condition