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Adventurous vs Venturesome vs Daring vs Daredevil vs Rash vs Reckless vs Foolhardy

Adventurous, Venturesome, Daring, Daredevil, Rash, Reckless and Foolhardy denote in common courting danger or exposing oneself to danger in a greater degree than is required for courage.

One who is adventurous is inclined to adventure; the word may or may not imply indiscretion or imprudence in incurring risk or hazard.

  • a mind active, ambitious, and adventurous . . . always aspiring
  • adventurous boys . . . climbed, shouting and laughing, over the rafters

Venturesome frequently implies an excessive tendency to take chances.

  • in 1919 Alcock and Brown undertook the first and highly venturesome crossing of the Atlantic by air
    Manchester Guardian

Daring heightens the implication of fearlessness.

a daring pilot in extremity, pleased with the danger, when the waves went high

Daredevil implies ostentation in daring and is often specifically applied to stunts performed for hire as a public spectacle or to their performers.

  • a daredevil acrobat

Rash implies imprudent hastiness or boldness in word or action; reckless, utter heedlessness or carelessness of consequences.

  • we must detain him . . . . If we do not I am convinced Austin will do something rash that he will for ever repent
  • a reckless disregard of the future
  • reckless audacity came to be considered courage
    Derek Patmore

Foolhardy implies a foolish daring or recklessness and may be used of persons or of their acts.

  • the perfectly foolhardy feat of swimming the flood
    Sinclair Lewis