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Abomination vs Anathema vs Bugbear vs Bête noire

Abomination, anathema, bugbear and bête noire all mean a person or thing that arouses intense dislike.

Abomination suggests the arousal of loathing, disgust, and extreme displeasure. (see also: Hate vs Detest vs Abhor vs Abominate vs Loathe )

  • Cruelty to animals is an abomination.

Anathema suggests that something is so odious that it is dismissed or rejected out of hand. (see also: Curse vs Imprecation vs Malediction vs Anathema and Curse vs Imprecation vs Malediction vs Anathema )

  • Credit controls are anathema to the government.

Bugbear suggests something so dreaded that one seeks continually to avoid it.

  • Smoking is a particular bugbear of his.

Bête noire suggests a pet aversion that one habitually or especially

  • My particular bête noire is cigarette butts being left in half-empty glasses.