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Vigor vs Vim vs Spirit vs Dash vs Esprit vs Verve vs Punch vs ÉLan vs Drive

Vigor, vimspiritdashespritvervepunchélandrive can all denote a quality of force, forcefulness, or energy.

Vigor implies a strength that proceeds from a fundamental soundness or robustiousness or a display of energy or forcefulness deriving from this or befitting it.

Vim stresses the display of usually enthusiastic energy put into the work of doing or making something.

Spirit (see also COURAGE SOUL APPARITION ) stresses vivacity, animation, and liveliness which usually derive from mood, disposition, or temperament.

Dash may imply the presence of any of these qualities, vigor, vim, and spirit, often in the form of a bold devil-may-care force; it tends to stress the impact of the thing upon the mind of the observer or reader or listener.

Esprit is not quite equivalent to spirit ; like spirit it implies a quality which has its basis in nature and is manifested in mood or temperament; unlike it, it suggests the force displayed by an exceedingly active and subtle mind and so comes close to meaning cleverness, brains, or wit usually with an added suggestion of vivacity (as in conversation).

Verve also comes close to spirit , but it often carries a clearer implication of a characteristic or peculiar force or energy, the exact description of which only the context can supply or suggest.

Punch suggests a quality that carries with it the power to gain its aim; it may imply a convincing or commanding quality, but it stresses forcefulness and immediate effectiveness.

élan approaches dash in meaning, but it carries a stronger connotation of impetuosity and assurance or of ardor in the display of force and energy.

Drive also, like dash and élan , suggests a quality that affects others, but it carries a richer implication than either of the display of power to force through to the ends in view and to carry the observers, especially the readers, along with it.