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Trust in someone vs Trust to someone

trust in someonehave faith or confidence in a person:

  • I slowly found myself able again to hope and trust in the human race.

trust to someoneact in dependence on a person; rely on smb.:

  • The people of England are discovering that it is no good trusting to the old politicians.

Note: Neither expression is equivalent in meaning to the phrase trust someone

1. believe that a person is honest:

  • They want their neighborhood to be drug-free. They want to know and trust their neighbors.

2. allow credit to a customer:

  • I wonder whether the newsagent will trust me; I need some cigarettes and I have no money on me.

3. (followed by Infinitive) believe that a person is able and willing to do smth.:

  • She didn’t trust anyone to look after her child properly.

4. (followed by Infinitive, sarcastic) believe that it is typical of a person to do the wrong thing:

  • Trust Julia to get the name wrong.