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Sullen vs Glum vs Morose vs Surly vs Sulky vs Crabbed vs Saturnine vs Dour vs Gloomy

Sullen, glummorosesurlysulkycrabbedsaturninedourgloomy can mean governed by or showing, especially in one’s aspect, a forbidding or disagreeable mood or disposition.

One is sullen who is, often by disposition, gloomy, silent, and ill-humored and who refuses to be sociable, cooperative, or responsive.

One is glum who is dismally silent either because of low spirits or depressing circumstances.

One is morose who is austerely sour or bitter and inclined to glumness.

One is surly who adds churlishness or gruffness of speech and manner to sullenness or moroseness.

One is sulky who manifests displeasure, discontent, or resentment by giving way childishly to a fit of peevish sullenness.

One is crabbed who is actually or seemingly ill-natured, harsh, and forbidding. The term often refers to one’s aspect and manner of speaking and usually implies a sour or morose disposition or a settled crossness.

One is saturnine who presents a heavy, forbidding, taciturn gloom, but saturnine may come close to sardonic (which see under SARCASTIC ) and then suggests less a depressing heaviness and gloom than a wry mocking disdain and skepticism that is often at least superficially attractive.

One is dour who gives a sometimes superficial effect of severity, obstinacy, and grim bitterness of disposition.

One is gloomy who is so depressed by events or conditions or so oppressed by melancholy that all signs of cheerfulness or optimism are obscured, so that he appears sullen, glum, or dour as well as low-spirited.