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Regular vs Normal vs Typical vs Natural

Regularnormaltypicalnatural can all mean being of the sort or kind that is expected as usual, ordinary, or average.

A person or, more often, a thing is regular, as opposed to irregular, that conforms to what is the prescribed rule or standard or the established pattern for its kind.

A person or a thing is normal, as opposed to abnormal or exceptional, that does not deviate in any marked way from what has been discovered or established as the norm (see norm under AVERAGE ) for one of its kind. In contrast with regular, normal carries a stronger implication of conformity within prescribed limits or under given conditions and therefore sometimes admits a wide range of difference among the things that may be described as normal for a class or kind.

When applied to persons, normal often specifically connotes mental balance or sanity, but it may connote merely an approach to the average in mentality, implying the exclusion of those below or above this average.

A person or thing is typical, as opposed to individual, that markedly exhibits the characters or characteristics identifying the type, class, species, or group to which he or it belongs, often to the exclusion or the obscuring of any that differentiate him or it individually.

A person or thing is natural (see also NATURAL 2 ) that acts, behaves, or operates in accordance with the nature or essence of his or its kind or constitution; the term also applies to what is normal in or suitable to one because of such nature or constitution.