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Reception vs Receipt

Reception, receipt both mean a receiving, but they are not often interchangeable, their use being dependent upon accepted idiom.

Reception is the more appropriate term when what is received is a person, especially a caller, a visitor, or a guest; the term may then apply to the act, fashion, or manner of receiving or the manner of being received or a ceremonious receiving or entertaining or an admission or entrance (as into a place, a society, or a company).

When what is received is a thing, reception is employed when to the idea of receiving is added the idea of admitting into or as if into a space or enclosure or of apprehension (as by a sense, the senses, or the mind).

Receipt (see also RECEIPT 2 ) stresses the simple fact of receiving and is the customary term when what is received is a thing (as money, goods, or a letter) given or sent by another and delivered into one’s custody or possession.

Receipt is also applied to a signed paper or document testifying to the receiving of money due or of goods delivered.