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Nullify vs Negate vs Annul vs Abrogate vs Invalidate

Nullify, negateannulabrogateinvalidate in general use are often interchangeable without marked loss.

All then mean to deprive of effective or continued existence. One thing nullifies another when it reduces the latter to nothingness or deprives it of effectiveness, validity, or value.

One thing negates another when one cannot coexist with the other or both are mutually destructive.

One thing annuls another (see also ANNUL ) when it neutralizes the effect of the other or deprives it of power to act or work.

One thing abrogates another (see also ANNUL ) when it effectively dispenses with or abolishes the latter.

One thing invalidates another when it deprives the latter of its force or legality. Invalidate usually implies failure to meet tests of soundness or to conform to imposed conditions.