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Languid vs Languishing vs Languorous vs Lackadaisical vs Listless vs Spiritless vs Enervated

Languid, languishinglanguorouslackadaisicallistlessspiritlessenervated are comparable when they mean lacking in vim or energy or, when applied to things, the appearance of it.

Languid usually implies an unwillingness or an inability to exert oneself owing to fatigue, exhaustion, or physical weakness.

Languishing may suggest delicate indolence, often accompanying boredom or futilely wistful pensiveness and often connotes an affected rather than a real state.

Languorous carries a suggestion of languidness and delicacy acquired through soft living, through shrinking from exertion, or through sentimentalism or overindulgence in tender or amorous emotions.

Lackadaisical implies a carefree or indifferent attitude that either forbids exertion or makes for futile, piddling, or halfhearted and indolent efforts.

Listless need not imply physical weakness, but it almost invariably implies either a lack of interest in what is going on around one or in what one is doing, or a languid appearance that may be the result either of boredom or ennui or of fatigue or disease.

Spiritless implies the loss or the absence of the animation or fire that gives life or dash to a person or to his words and acts.

Enervated implies a destruction of qualities or powers essential to the vigorous exercise of the will and the intellect. Often it suggests the influence of luxury or of sloth but it may imply the operation of other causes, even of those that in themselves are not evil but may have deleterious effects.