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Intend vs Mean vs Design vs Propose vs Purpose

Intend, meandesignproposepurpose signify to have in mind as an aim, end, or function.

Intend implies that the mind is directed to some definite accomplishment or to the achievement of a definite end or is bent upon some person or thing (as an invention or a writing) serving a certain purpose or use, or fulfilling a certain destiny. Intend often implies an aim to express a definite idea by a given word or phrase.

Mean often carries a denotation close to that of intend, but it does not convey so clear an implication of determination to effect one’s end as does intend and, sometimes, it implies little more than volition or decision.

Design (see also under PLAN ) usually stresses forethought and deliberation in arriving at an intention. Often, the term also implies scheming or contriving, especially by underhand means, in an attempt to effect what is designed.

Propose implies a declaration of one’s intention or a setting it clearly before oneself or others. It therefore usually connotes clear definition or open avowal.

Purpose differs little from propose except in carrying a somewhat stronger implication of determination to effect or achieve one’s intention and in occasionally connoting clearer definition in one’s own mind.