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Inevitable vs Ineluctable vs Inescapable vs Unescapable vs Unavoidable

Inevitableineluctableinescapableunescapableunavoidable are comparable when meaning incapable of being shunned or evaded.

Inevitable (see also CERTAIN ) implies that causes are already in operation or that the conditions (as of one’s existence, one’s work, or one’s temperament) are such that the thing so described is bound to occur.

Ineluctable adds to inevitable the suggestions that struggle or defiance is futile and that no way out is possible.

Inescapable and unescapable carry a stronger suggestion than either inevitable or ineluctable that the person concerned would, if he could, avoid what must be but is convinced of its inexorable character.

Unavoidable carries a weaker implication of necessary occurrence than the other terms, but it does imply that the exercise of foresight or care has not enabled one to escape what has occurred.