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Difference between Have a bite and Have bite

have a bite

1. (coll.) have a snack; eat some food:

  • We planned to stop somewhere on the road and have a bite of supper.

2. (of cold air or wind) have keen cutting effect:

  • The cold night air had a bite in it.

3. (of food or drink) taste pleasantly pungent or spicy; be laced with alcohol:

  • John took a cautious sip. The drink had a bite.

4. (coll.) posses special attractiveness:

  • In spite of her dark hair and her Mediterranean beauty she has a bite about her that can only be British.

have bite

1. = have a bite 2:

  • The day was bright, the sky a high and crystal blue. The chill in the air had bite.

2. = have a bite 3:

  • The pasta has bite and spins onto the fork without complication.

3. said of the seizure of the bait in fishing:

  • From the first cast, I had bite. But, it didn’t seem to be bass.

4. = have a bite 4:

  • The program to give the whole European market a non-inflationary money still has bite.