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Difference between Fling something away and Fling something off

fling something away

1. throw smth. away; get rid of smth. unwanted:

  • Let’s fling that old furniture away and buy some new.

2. waste smth. such as an opportunity, etc.:

  • You shouldn’t fling away a chance like that.

3. say smth. casually or carelessly:

  • You flung away that last line, we couldn’t hear you.

fling something off

1. quickly remove one’s clothing:

  • It’s good to fling off heavy clothing now that spring is here.

2. get free from smth.; discard smth.:

  • In a new job, one should fling off old habits of thought.

3. release or produce heat, smell, etc.:

  • When this material burns, it flings off a nasty smell.

4. write or compose smth. quickly and easily:

  • I can fling off a poem in half an hour.

5. = fling something away 3:

  • Before you fling off a remark like that, think what you are saying.