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Difference between Drop off and Fall off

drop off

1. become detached:

  • The handle of the door has dropped off.

2. become abruptly much lower:

  • The cliff drops off suddenly here, be careful.

3. (coll.) leave a vehicle; get off:

  • Thanks for the ride, I’ll drop off here.

4. become less; deteriorate:

  • The quality of performance has dropped off since last year.

5. (coll.) fall asleep:

  • I went to bed early but for some reason I couldn’t drop off.

6. (euph.) die:

  • He would probably drop off quietly with suppressed gout.

fall off

1. = drop off 1:

  • My top button has fallen off.

2. = drop off 2:

  • The land falls off here towards the river.

3. = drop off 4:

  • Their enthusiasm seems to be falling off a bit.

4. cease participation:

  • Some of our most loyal members have now fallen off.