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Difference between Do something up and Make something up

do something up

1. (of clothes) fasten; button up:

  • You’ve done your buttons up the wrong way.

2. wrap smth.:

  • The presents were all done up in shiny paper and put under the Christmas tree.

3. (of hair) arrange:

  • Will you help me to do up my hair?

4. make smth. attractive or improve smth.:

  • We shall have to do up the house next spring.

5. (of fruit, etc.) preserve:

  • Mother is doing up some blackberries, so that we can eat them during the winter.

make something up

1. (of the road) put a bitumen surface on to make it suitable for traffic:

  • When are the council going to make up this road?

2. repay a loss of smth.; compensate for smth.:

  • You must make up the time that you have wasted by working late tonight.

3. (of a story, excuse, etc.) invent; fabricate:

  • These entertainers make their stories up as they go along.

4. apply cosmetics:

  • He saw Teddy approach the clown, Diaz, who sat on his trunk making up his face.

5. constitute smth.:

  • What are the qualities that should make up a man’s character?

6. put smth. together; complete a set of items:

  • The train is made up but is not yet ready to start.

7. fulfill a written order or prescription:

  • The chemist is still making up the order, and says it will be ready in an hour.