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Difference between Do someone up and Make someone up

do someone up —(coll.)

1. make a person look attractive; dress smb. up for the party, etc.:

  • It’s not the actress herself I’m calling unattractive, but the way they “did her up.”

2. get the better of smb.; ruin a person financially:

  • There was a pleasure in doing up a debtor which none but a creditor could know.

3. (UK, usually Passive) wear out a person:

  • We have been working continuously now…. The stretcher-bearers are done up completely.

Note: The expression is not antonymous in meaning to the phrase do someone down—(UK coll.)

1. defeat smb. (often by unfair means):

  • Mr. Stothard was using the Times to advance his own interests and do down his enemy.

2. speak ill of a person:

  • No doubt the whispering voices praised him to the heavens while also doing down his opponents.

make someone up —(of an actor, etc.) apply cosmetics to a person’s face:

  • The General was close upon eighty; but he was “made up” to represent a gentleman of about forty.