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Difference between Dead man and Dead soldier

dead man

1. an object buried in the ground and used as an anchorage:

  • A deck hand was killed by being struck on the head by a “dead man.”

2. (sl.) an empty liquor bottle:

  • I returned to my table and finished my drink. When the owner appeared again I asked if I could help remove the dead men.

dead soldier —(sl., also: dead marine)

1. = dead man 2:

  • There weren’t any prints on that bottle. That dead soldier was as clean as a whistle.

Cf.: wounded soldier—(U.S. sl.) a partiallyfinished can or bottle of beer that can still be consumed:

  • “I can’t find any more beer anywhere, Ted.” “Here, take this wounded soldier off me.”

2. a cigarette butt:

  • He collected dead soldiers to use in building a whole smoke.