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Difference between Dead head and Death’s head

dead head

1. (coll.) a person who contributes nothing to an enterprise or activity; a non–fare-paying passenger, etc.:

  • “No more dead-heads,” Mr. Skinner warned. “Hereafter, pay for your guests.”

2. a dead flower that has become withered and faded:

  • The culling of dead heads is a ploy that figures persistently in the garden in summer.

3. an obstruction floating so low in the water that only a small part of it is visible:

  • Numerous “dead-heads” bobbed in the current like otters swimming with the stream.

death’s head—a human scull as an emblem of death or a danger sign:

  • There had been three variations of the chemical hazard symbol. One was a picture of a death’s head, or skull and crossbones.