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Difference between Dead-alive and Living dead

dead-alive —(also: dead and alive)

1. (of a place) spiritless or boring:

  • Do you think I could hold out a week in this deadalive place? Not me!

2. (of people) miserable; inactive and dull:

  • You will die in a home for old people surrounded by deadalive persons.

Note: The expression does not correlate in meaning with the phrase more dead than alive(also: half dead) in a very poor physical condition owing to illness, etc.:

  • A policeman found him, more dead than alive, in the street where he had been beaten up.

living dead

1. (also: living corpse) smb. who seems completely unaware of what is happening around:

  • I remember reading that being a full blown addict is the “living dead.” Being alive, but dead, how morose.

2. a vampire; a zombie:

  • I felt as if we were in the presence of a ghoul, the living dead.