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Difference between Be dead nuts on something and Be dead set on something

be dead nuts on something

1. (coll.) placed precisely on the surface of smth.:

  • He caught me dead nuts on the chin, Pepe thought as he lay on the ground.

2. (coll.) exactly correspond to smth.:

  • The styling of the new convertible is dead nuts on what a car in this class should be: bold and aristocratic.

3. (sl.) be very fond of smth.; be delighted with smth.:

  • Quite frankly, I wasn’t dead nuts on meeting with them.

be dead set on somethingbe fixed in one’s purpose; be determined on doing smth.:

  • The administration is dead set on trying to destroy unions.

Cf.: make a dead set at somethingmake a determined effort to gain smth.:

  • People can’t be allowed to make a dead set at a property like this.