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Difference between Deductive and Inductive

Concerning types of reasoning: Deductive means to reason from the general to the specific (top-down approach). All people need water to survive; Bob is a person; Bob needs water to survive. Inductive means to reason from the specific to the general (bottom-up approach). Bob needs water to survive; Bob is a person; all people need water […]

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Difference between Decent, Descent and Dissent

Decent means proper or honest. The play’s interpretation was done in a decent manner. Many people consider Rick a thoughtful and decent individual. Descent means a downward slope or family origin. The airplane’s sudden descent alarmed many passengers. When one mentions the descent of man, we think of Darwin. Dissent means disagreement. If the cause […]

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Difference between Decadence and Decadents

Decadence means showing low morals and a love for world pleasures. It can also mean being artificial or lacking in quality. The acceptable level of moral decadence has plunged recently. Unfortunately, he exhibited decadence in his dress and manner. Decadents are spoiled people with low morals and a love for worldly pleasures. Some of their […]

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